Getting involved

The Bay Area is home to hundreds of nonprofit organizations and government agencies where students can get involved.  These organizations are doing vital and often innovative work to improve our communities.  

Information on nearly 100 organizations is available on this blog.  These listings are far from comprehensive.  Organizations are listed alphabetically within each category.  If you represent or know of an organization that could be added to this website, please contact Athenian’s Community Service Director, Mark Friedman.

How to Find a Community Service Project

  • Think about what YOU are interested and passionate about, whether it’s activity that you love and want to share or an issue or cause that you care about.
  • Explore the organizations listed in this website to try to locate people already working on what’s important to you.
  • Talk to other students who have found projects they enjoy.  Juniors and seniors have gone through the process of choosing a project and can be a good resource.
  • Look online. Most organizations and volunteer centers have web pages that list volunteer opportunities and explain how to apply.  Search using “volunteer “ as a key word.
  • Visit Athenian’s Community Service Office in Courtside. The office is filled with files and books about service opportunities.
  • There are organizations that help people find places to get involved: Volunteer Centers, Hands On Bay Area, Volunteer Match, Meaningful Teens
  • Ask your parents and friends for ideas.  Lots of people you know work in places that rely upon volunteers.
  • Call a national organization working on your issue.  Large, national organizations (e.g. Audubon Society, NAACP) sometimes have branch offices that rely on volunteer staff.  They may also have information about other organizations in our area that do similar work.
  • Visit your local community center, synagogue, or church.  Sometimes these places either need volunteers or have bulletin boards listing opportunities.