Shepherd’s Gate


Shepherd’s Gate

Shepherd’s Gate is a place where homeless and battered women and children can come

to regroup. They are given clean clothing, a bed, hot meals  and support services. It is the first step in creating a stable lifestyle for their children ,many of whom have been exposed to drugs  violence  and appalling living conditions. Life survival advice and job skills training area also offered.

Students can help with office work, maintenance of grounds and buildings, sorting donations, weekend food service  etc.

Shepherd’s Gate isn’t a shelter: it’s a safe haven.

Their 2 campuses, located in Livermore and Brentwood, provide long-term, comprehensive care to some of California’s most vulnerable people: women and children experiencing homelessness due to poverty, addiction, domestic violence, and other threats.

They know it takes far more than a hot meal and a bed for the night to truly break free. It takes love, it takes time, and it takes practical support.



That’s why they strive to address the root causes of homelessness with every tool they have: Education. Counseling. Case Management. Medical care. Recovery programs. Bible studies. A home-like environment. Job training. Parenting classes. Childcare. And the list goes on.

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