The Council in International Exchange


The Council in International Exchange –

Since 1947, the Council on International Education Exchange (CIEE) has been helping young people gain an understanding of the world by providing opportunities to work, live and study in other countries. By spending 3-4 weeks of their summer living and working abroad, students will make an impact on the environment and the people of that country. Projects vary from working with Habitat for Humanity in Costa Rica to build houses, to working with rural children in their school in Ecuador, to going on an archeological dig in Peru, to being counselors at a summer camp in Guadeloupe. In each country, at the end of the service project, students will also enjoy the ecology and recreation of the country by visiting important National Parks, seeing the animals and vegetation of each place, and meeting and living with native people. There are adventures such as a whale watching cruise in Ecuador, surfing on a reed boat and hiking Machu Picchu in Peru, whitewater rafting and zipping through the tree canopy in Costa Rica and kayaking, snorkeling or diving in Guadeloupe. For details and applications, please visit the web site.