Where There Be Dragons

Where There Be Dragonswww.wheretherebedragons.com

Where There be Dragon’s website states:  “Where There Be Dragons offers rugged, unique summer and study abroad programs in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Summer and gap-year semester programs in China, Tibet, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Senegal and Morocco.  We provide students (15 and up) with authentic introductions to the people, landscapes, and issues of the developing world.  Through language study, monastery-stays, community service projects, living with local families, meetings with international development workers, hiking to remote villages and visits to sights of cultural interest, students gain profound insight into the beauty and drama of daily life in developing nations. Traveling by foot, train, bus, tractor, and horse-drawn cart, participants discover the awesome beauty of the developing world’s wilderness areas and the spectacular cultural traditions that continue to exist in towns and villages that lie off the beaten path.”