Contra Costa County Sheriff Search and Rescue

The Search and Rescue (SAR) Cadets are members of the CoCoSAR Team aged 14 to 18. In almost every way, the Cadets serve just as the adults team members do, acting as skilled search and rescue volunteers. They are also trained to provide medical, evidence and educational support for community events as needed at the request of the Sheriff. SAR Cadets respond to incidents such as: missing persons (children, hikers, Alzheimer’s/dementia walk-aways, etc.); wilderness/mountain searches; natural and man-made disasters; criminal case evidence searches; low- and high-angle rope rescues; and night, foul weather and rough terrain searches. SAR Cadets receive excellent training and growth opportunities that can prepare them for a variety of careers, including those in emergency services of all types, law enforcement and the military. Beyond that, participation on the SAR team will also give you invaluable life skills. Here’s the link to the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Cadet’s webpage.