Wardrobe for Opportunity

Wardrobe for Opportunity

Located in Oakland, CA.

Wardrobe for Opportunity first opened its doors in 1996 and has been serving economically disadvantaged women, seeking employment in Contra Costa and Alameda County. The organization provides vital and often overlooked services; furnishing suitable business attire for both interview processes and support for career advancements. Student volunteers are needed to help sort clothing.


Wardrobe for Opportunity (WFO) is a successful and growing 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that empowers low-income individuals from across the Bay Area with acquiring interview skills, professional clothing and the career support they need to become economically self-sufficient.

Founded in 1995 to address often overlooked, yet critical barriers to finding and retaining employment, WFO has served nearly 30,000 low-income individuals referred from over 40 partner social service and job-training agencies across the Bay Area. Founded originally to provide professional clothing for women, Wardrobe for Opportunity has expanded to provide in-depth, 360 degree professional development for men and women.

Vision Statement

Wardrobe for Opportunity will be the recognized leader in empowering low-income women and men to achieve economic viability.

WFO is committed four strategies:

  1. Expand client reach throughout the Greater Bay Area
  2. Continually engage constituents through multiple channels of communication
  3. Diversify funding sources to ensure stability and growth
  4. Create a culture that attracts and retains staff and volunteers that are passionate about WFO.