Valley Humane Society

Valley Humane Society

The Valley Humane Society is a ‘no kill’ shelter working to find homes for homeless animals and to educate public in responsible pet care.  There are different opportunities to volunteer for including:  cleaning up litter, changing food and playing with animals to socialize them. You can download a volunteer application from their web site.

Valley Humane Society has worked to save and improve the lives of Tri-Valley companion animals since 1987. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, our programs and services are made possible by the generosity of private donors — we receive no government funds, tax dollars, or money from national humane organizations.

Their Vision

A world in which every animal is loved and every person knows the love of an animal.

Their Mission

Valley Humane Society (VHS) creates a brighter future for cats and dogs by encouraging and strengthening the bond between people and pets. VHS rescues and rehabilitates companion animals, champions responsible caretaking, shares pets’ soothing affections with people in need of comfort, and supports and preserves existing pet-guardian relationships.

Their Values


Kindness is at the core of their mission. At VHS people treat everyone with respect and understanding. Animals at VHS are treated individually with the sensitivity and caring they deserve.


Everyone deserves a friend. VHS creates opportunities for people to experience the love of a pet, as well as connect with others. We believe that life lived as part of a loving family is richer, happier, and more fulfilling.


VHS is a warm, happy place, a feeling reflected by the well-being of the animals in our care. They believe visiting, volunteering, and working here should be a fun, positive experience, a vibe they carry out with them into the community. Their good spirits cultivate enthusiasm for our mission and keep us hopeful when things get challenging.


They appreciate the many talents brought to bear by their volunteers and staff to achieve our mission. The mental, physical, and emotional gifts offered to VHS are as important as the financial contributions, both large and small, of our many donors. We recognize that these gifts, taken together, are what allow them in turn to serve the animals and people of our community.


The task before them is greater than any one person. Their relationships with the community, business, and other rescue organizations increase our capacity and amplify our impact. They work together to achieve a common goal. At VHS they lead the way by actively cultivating cooperative partnerships.


Their path is paved with more than good intentions. At VHS people strive to act with integrity and honesty. Decisions are based on sound judgment and careful reasoning. They are fiscally responsible and understand our commitment to our animals, donors, volunteers, and community.